Deadline for Abstract submission is June 20, 2018

Please submit the abstract on line

In case you will have the problem with submission on line - sent it as a text (no pdf) to the e-mail address:

The abstract should be written: Times New Roman 12 points, single line, max 1500 characters without title, authors affiliation and acknowledgements. The presenting Author should be marked with the *.


An example of abstract:

The effect of stress on the brain responses in animal model
K.Kowalski1*, A. Anderson2, W. Voigt2
1University of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, Kraków, Polska
2Institute of Academy of Sciences, Department of Enzymology, London, Great Britain

(1character)The aim of the study was to ...
The experiment was conducted on ...
The methods ...
The results clearly showed that ... (1500 characters)
The study was financed by ...

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